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universal case for ubitx

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uBitx Case With accessories, see packing list below.

 A new dynamic and compact case design for Ham Radio Projects.

The printed circuit board of UBITX HF TCVR  will fit in this case as it has been made for it specially, alternatively it also can be used for other ham radio projects which have similar size of boards.

However the case can be used for general purpose ham radio receivers, transmitters, transceivers,

Wide Variety of colors:  Maroon, Black, DA Grey, Siemens Grey, Blue


  1. Compact Size  good for back pack And Desktop use
  2. Case has ample ventilation for power transistors.
  3. Special Feature: One USB Connector. One D9 connector. Two Extra Stereo Connectors  3.5mm



  1. Aluminum  Case
  2. Size    length = 8 inc width = 8  inch and height = 3 inch
  3. Weight  850 grams
  4. Accessories 150 gram


  1. 10k LIN control x 1
  2. Stereo Case mounted connectors  x 3
  3. Main Tune knob x 1
  4. Small Knobs x 1
  5. Push to on switch x 1
  6. Fuse Holder x 1
  7. DC Case Connector x 1
  8. DC Plug in lead x 1
  9. SO239 Antenna Connector x 1
  10. Speaker 8 ohms x 1
  11. Screws for PCB and Case
  12. Plastic Stands For back cover 2
  13. Brass Stands for PCB Mount 1 inch x 4
  14. Brass Stands For LCD x 4
  15. Acrylic Cover For LCD 1
  16. Mic Connector XLR 1
  17. PCB For USB connector 1
  18. USB Connector 1
  19. D9 Connector 1
  20. Stereo Connector PCB Mount 2
  21. Universal Case For ubitx 1
  22. 8 PIn Relimate  Female to Female Cables 2
  23. Printed Circuit Adapter Boards For Encoder, Digital Adapter.Front panel board. Led board, Power Adapter board.



Kindly inform by email the color you want.

email inkits.in@gmail.com / vu3sua@gmail.com

All taxes included And Shipping Included. 


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