Bitx Version 3B SSB TCVR Basic Kit


Bitx3B SSB TCVR 20mt Complete kit With Metal GI Sheet Case. 

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Bitx Version 3B SSB TCVR  kit  for 20mt Band.

The Bitx version 3 SSB TCVR Kit includes the following:

  • Printed Circuit Boards. Exciter/PA/AGC/Audio Mute/ .
  • Components And Toroids Cores .
  • Wires And Fittings .
  • Frequency Counter Ik3 FLL type .
  • Cabinet Metal GI 
  • Manual And Schematic

Highlights of the Bitx3B TCVR

  • Varactor tuned VFO and controlled with FLL Counter.
  • SSB Output 6 watts on 20mt. 

Cost Includes All taxes,packing and shipping charges. 



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